Run Race FAQ

Basic Information, Tips & FAQ for our Running Races

Arrival Time

We recommend you arrive at least 45-60 minutes before your race so you have plenty of time to park, register or pick up your race packet, and get to the start line. There is a short walk to the start line from the registration area, so please prepare accordingly.

Course Markings

The course is marked with signs and cones. There will be volunteers on the course, but they are there in case of emergency, so please know the course. You can refer to the maps in our race guide.

Race Photos

These will be posted on facebook.com/zoomracingusa soon after the race. Our photographers can take many pictures, and it takes time to get these ready to be published. Please be patient. We will also have a photobooth, so you can stop by and get pictures taken there as well. All pictures are free of charge and will be posted online for you to tag, share and download.

Race Bibs

Please wear your race timing bib on the front of your person so the timers can get an accurate time. Your timing chip is on your bib, so please keep your bib in good condition and do not bend it. If you have a Road ID bib and are doing the fun run, you will need to keep your own time. If you are doing the Beast you will need to switch bibs between races. You can store your bibs on the Beast rack between races.

Race Timing

Everyone, except our fun runners (wearing Road ID bibs), will get a finish time. You must cross the start line at the start and the finish line at the finish to get an accurate time. Please wear your timing bib on the front of your person.


These will be available immediately at the registration page and on KeySports.net; later in the day they will be posted at zoomracingusa.com and facebook.com/zoomracingusa

The Beast

The Beast 3-Race Challenge requires athletes to complete 3 races in 1 day. First you tackle the 1-mile, then you race the 5K, and finally you come back and do the 10K. This is a total of 10.3 miles of running. Each athlete will get a separate bib for each race and run them completely separately. We ask that you finish all 3 races (1-mile, 5K & 10K) inside the designated times (1-mile = 20 minutes; 5K = 40 minutes & 10K = 90 minutes). To get a Beast hoodie you must complete 3 Beast races in 1 calendar year.

Awards & Swag

We believe everyone is a winner at Zoom. While we may report our results to USA Track and Field with age group placing, we have decided to give everyone more swag, and boost the fun factor of our races. So we do not have any “awards” other than beer, food, swag and lots of fun for everyone! We try to order enough swag for everyone, so please be sure you sign up early, because sometimes we run out. We do make sure that everyone who registered before we run out does get their swag. We put all swag, medals and materials in your race bag. We want to be sure you get it! If you did not register in time, registered for the fun run and would like swag, or want to get extra for your friends or family, please see the registration table after the race for extras. We do not mail swag after the race, unless you signed up for the virtual race.

Finisher Medals

We put these in the race bags so we make sure those who registered for it gets one. If you did not get one, please stop by registration and ask about them. Everyone who registered for a timed race before we run out will get one. We do purchase a limited number of race medals so be sure to sign up early to get them before they sell out. We do not mail medals after the race, unless you signed up for the virtual race.


We order shirts a few weeks in advance of the race, so please register early. We do not offer you shirts once we have sold out of a size, so if you registered for a tee, you will have it on race day. Because we order exact quantities of each size, we can only do size exchanges after registration closes on race day. So come back after your race and we will see if we can help. If you do not register for a tee, but want one on race day, we will sell any extras after registration closes, so come back after your race to see what we have left over. We do not mail tees after the race, unless you signed up for the virtual race.

Food and Drink Post-Race Party

The post-race party is for all our athletes no matter which race you completed. Drink tickets will be in your race packet bag, and can be redeemed for both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks at the races. Please help yourself to the food, and if you need help, see one of our registration staff.

  • Note: For Halloween you will need a food ticket; everyone gets one, and they are in your race bag.
  • Note: For Pancakes and Christmas, you do not need a food ticket; there, the food is open to all our racers, just get in line and enjoy!

Service Animals Welcome

While we love our furry friends, our event insurance only allows us to welcome service animals. We are not allowed to have other animals on course. Thank you for your understanding.

Strollers Welcome

If you want to push or pull someone in the race, you are welcome to do that. You do not have to pay for your companion, and they are welcome to enjoy the post-race party as well.

All Ages and Abilities Welcome

We welcome all ages and abilities. We defer to parents and guardians to determine at what age you can compete in the event. So feel free to bring your children, young and old; this is a family event. You are welcome to walk, run or jog the event. We do have time cut offs so please be sure you can make the time limit, or we recommend you sign up for a shorter distance.

Race Time Limits

We do have time limits on our races. Out of respect for our staff, volunteers, local community and first responders we need to have a time limit. The time limit is set in advance and does keep walkers in mind. Even walkers should have plenty of time to complete the course, and you are welcome to walk the course. Please be sure you can make the time limit, or we recommend you sign up for a shorter distance.

Other Questions

All questions should be covered in the athlete guide (zoomracingusa.com), on the event website or on our Event Registration A-Frame Sign (at the event). If we missed something, please email us at mick at zoomracingusa dot com