Run Race FAQ

NOTE: All 2021 Races will comply with all Federal, State, and Local COVID-19 Protocols. We will be required to follow these guidelines to host our races and ensure the safety of all athletes, volunteers and staff. Please refer to the athlete guides for each of these races to learn more.


Developed in Partnership with the Montgomery County Board of Health

  1. If you have symptoms of COVID-19 you may not participate. 
    • We ask that you conduct a COVID-19 Home Safety Self-Check at home and we will also conduct one with you before you pick up your packet. You can see the COVID-19 Home Safety Self-Check above. If you are experiencing symptoms, please stay home. You can review a list of symptoms at the Montgomery County Board of Health website here: https://www.phdmc.org/coronavirus-updates/329-covid-19-symptoms
    • If you cannot participate on race day, please contact Rebekah at zoomracingusa12@gmail.com and complete the race virtually when you are able. We will mail you your swag by mid-January and log your virtual time, when you are able to complete the event. 
  2. There is no in-person race day registration at the race venue, but you can register online and then come see us. 
    • You can register online at home at Run4Pancakes.com all the way through race morning. So register online and then come and see us. 
  3. All runners must wear masks until the race actually starts. 
    • Everyone will be required to wear a mask at all times at the race site, unless they are actively running. The race staff and all race contractors will wear masks. We will have disposable masks at packet pick-up if you need one.  
  4. There will be a separate Start and Finish line so we can socially distance and allow one-way flow of runners/walkers. These will be clearly marked on race day. 
  5. We will have staggered starts in waves on race day. See the information above for start time and procedures. 
  6. Hand sanitizer stations will be provided at the start and finish line areas, as well as at packet pickup. 
  7. As required by the Montgomery County Board of Health, we may not have aid stations or water stops on course. Racers will be required to carry all of their own aid and hydration on course.
  8. There will not be a post-race party. Instead we are giving athletes their post race meal when they pick-up their packet. So you can enjoy your pancakes and goodies anytime since your meal is now to go!
  9. There is to be no spitting, or projections of any bodily fluid before, during or after race. We will have portable restrooms at packet pickup and on course for you to use. 
  10. All participants must avoid any physical contact with other participants, which includes high fives, fist bumps, or close contact before, during or after the event. 
  11. Before and during the race, participants must abide by the six-foot social distancing requirement when lining up or passing other participants. 
  12. Spectators are not permitted on the course, at start line, or finish line. 
  13. Participants are encouraged to gather their belongings and leave immediately after the race/walk. 
  14. There is to be congregating after the race. 


Basic Information, Tips & FAQ for our Running Races

Arrival Time

We recommend you arrive at least 45-60 minutes before your race so you have plenty of time to park, register, or pick up your race packet, and get to the start line. There is sometimes a short walk to the start line from the registration area, so please prepare accordingly. Please be sure to wear your mask when you are not actively running. 

Course Markings

The course is marked with signs and cones. There will be volunteers on the course, but they are there in case of an emergency, so please know the course. You can refer to the maps in our race guide.

Race Photos

These will be posted on facebook.com/zoomracingusa soon after the race. Our photographers can take many pictures, and it takes time to get these ready to be published. Please be patient. All pictures are free of charge and will be posted online for you to tag, share and download.

Race Bibs

Please wear your race bib on the front of your person so the timers can get an accurate time and we can identify you quickly in the case of an emergency. Please note your bib is for ID purposely only, your timing chip will go on your shoe or ankle (it is not on your bib). 

Race Timing

Everyone, except our fun runners, will get a finish time. You must cross the start line at the start and the finish line at the finish to get an accurate time. 


Results will be posted at zoomracingusa.com and facebook.com/zoomracingusa

The Beast

The Beast 3-Race Challenge requires athletes to complete 3 races in 1 day. First you tackle the 1-mile, then you race the 5K, and finally you come back and do the 10K. This is a total of 10.3 miles of running. Each athlete will get a separate bib for each race and run them completely separately. We ask that you finish all 3 races (1-mile, 5K & 10K) inside the designated times (1-mile = 20 minutes; 5K = 40 minutes & 10K = 90 minutes). 

Awards & Swag

We believe everyone is a winner at Zoom. While we may report our results to USA Track and Field with age group placing, we have decided to give everyone more swag, and boost the fun factor of our races. So we do not have any “awards” other than great food, swag and lots of fun for everyone! We try to order enough swag for everyone, so please be sure you sign up early (2 weeks in advance of race day), because sometimes we run out. We do make sure that everyone who registered before we run out does get their swag. We put all swag, medals and materials in your race bag. We want to be sure you get it! 

Finisher Medals

We put these in the race bags so we make sure those who registered for it gets one. Everyone who registered for a timed race before we run out will get one. We do purchase a limited number of race medals so be sure to sign up early (2 weeks in advance) to get them before they sell out. 


We order shirts a few weeks in advance of the race, so please register early (2 weeks in advance). Please know that the shirt sizes you see at registration are the ones we have in stock; if you size is not listed, that means we have run out of that size. We order exact quantities of each size, so we cannot exchanges shirt sizes. If you do not register for a tee, but want one on race day, we may sell any extras after registration closes.

Food and Drink Post-Race Party

We are not having a post race party this year (due to COVID), but instead we are giving you the post race meal to go. So be sure to get your goodie bag before you leave. Note: at the Pancake Run, all the food and drink goodies are in your packet at registration. 

Service Animals Welcome

While we love our furry friends, our event insurance only allows us to welcome service animals. We are not allowed to have other animals on the course. Thank you for your understanding.

Strollers Welcome

If you want to push or pull someone in the race, you are welcome to do that. You do not have to pay for your companion, and they are welcome to enjoy the post-race party as well.

All Ages and Abilities Welcome

We welcome all ages and abilities. We defer to parents and guardians to determine at what age you can compete in the event. So feel free to bring your children, young and old; this is a family event. You are welcome to walk, run, or jog the event. We do have time cut-offs so please be sure you can make the time limit, or we recommend you sign up for a shorter distance.

Race Time Limits

We do have time limits on our races. Out of respect for our staff, volunteers, local community, and first responders we need to have a time limit. The time limit is set in advance and does keep walkers in mind. Even walkers should have plenty of time to complete the course, and you are welcome to walk the course. Please be sure you can make the time limit, or we recommend you sign up for a shorter distance.

Other Questions

All questions should be covered in the athlete guide (zoomracingusa.com), on the event website, or on our Event Registration A-Frame Sign (at the event). If we missed something, please email us at mick at zoomracingusa dot com