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What is the Water Temperature & Can I Wear a Wetsuit During the Swim?

Great Questions! Here are answers! 

We are a USAT Sanctioned event so we follow USAT rules for our races. USAT created rules for when you can and cannot wear a wetsuit. No one is required to wear a wetsuit, they are optional. We do recommend them, but the choice is up to you. Learn more about wetsuits and how to improve your swim. Need to rent or buy a wetsuit? Our sponsors can help you!

USAT sets guidelines for when you can and cannot wear a wetsuit. Read the USAT rules now! Wetsuit rules depend on water temperature. You can check the water temperature at our race venues below. 

USAT Water Temperature RulesAthletes Preparing for Swim Start at Triathlon

  • If the water is under 78 degrees you can wear a wetsuit, but are not required to wear one
  • If the water is between 78 and 84 degrees you can wear a wetsuit but you are not eligible for any awards or USAT rankings
  •  If the water temperature is over 84 degrees you cannot wear a wetsuit, as it would be unsafe

Check out the Local Water Temperature at the Race Venue