Midwest Regional High School Triathlon Championship

June 28, 2020 at Cowan Lake State Park in Wilmington, Ohio

Along with the Red, White & Zoom Triathlon Festival

Considered a hidden gem of the Ohio Parks, Cowan Lake State Park offers a unique challenge to racers, to tackle hills and flats on this scenic course. The Midwest Regional High School Triathlon Championships features a Sprint triathlon designed for high school students to challenge each other for regional supremacy. High School students from around the region will compete alongside other racers to the best individual and team in the region. Everyone can celebrate their accomplishment with a cool finisher medal and lifestyle tee (in men's and women's cut), and party after the event with music, pizza, beer (we also have soda and water), family and friends! This is more than just a race, it's an experience!  

Registration Opens Fall of 2019

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This is a regional championship for individuals and teams in the midwest. High School athletes can compete against one another for the title of Midwest Regional Champion. High School athletes will compete along side other athletes as they compete for individual and team glory. 

When & Where

Red, White and Zoom Triathlon Festival on July 7, 2019 at Cowan Lake State Park in Wilmington, Ohio


Any individuals between the USAT ages of 14 and 19 who will be entering, are currently in or just graduated from high school

Sprint Distance

750 Meter Swim, 13 Mile Bike & 5 Kilometer Run


  • Award plaques for the 3 fastest Males and Females Overall in the High School Division
  • Team trophy for the Top Male Team, Female Team and Mixed Male/Female Team in the High School Division
    • All male teams will score the 5 fastest male finishers
    • All female teams will score the 5 fastest female finishers
    • Mixed gender teams will score the first 2 fastest female finishers first, then will score the remaining 3 fastest finishers of any gender.
    • Teams: Individuals entering the race can choose to race on a team of their choice. They will enter their team name at registration. Individuals cannot compete for more than 1 team. Teams will consist of at least 5 members and can be all male, all female or a mix of male and females. Mixed teams must include at least 2 females on the team.
    • Scoring Points: All team scoring will be determined by comparing racers against only their same gender competitors; females will be scored by how they race against other females and males against males. When the team scores are determined, the first male and first female to cross the finish line receive 1 point for their team score, the second male racer and female racer to cross the finish line receives 2 points for their team score and so on. The lowest team score wins. In the case of a tie, the fastest combined team time based on the total time of all the racers will determine the winner.


  • There will be a separate wave for all high school athletes male and female, but will be competing alongside adults, as there are other races on course that day.
  • You must be a USAT member to compete in this race.
  • Athletes will swim in open water, bike on roads not closed to traffic, and run on roads that are either closed or have limited traffic. There will be EMS on site, along with safety personnel from local law enforcement.

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Registration Opens Fall 2019!

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