FREE Triathlon Training

FREE Triathlon Training for Your First Triathlon or So You Can Go Faster!

Looking for help in your triathlon training? Want to swim, bike and run faster? You come to the right place. Whether you want to surge your swim, boost your bike, or ramp-up your run, we have what you are looking for. Our FREE triathlon training plans will get you race ready for your first triathlon in 90 days or less!

Plus use these tips to surge your swim, boost your bike and recharge your run!

We also share how to transition with grace and speed!

Beginner / Super Sprint Triathlon Training Plans: 400m swim / 10ml bike / 2 mile run (FREE)

Sprint Triathlon Training Plans: 750m swim / 12ml bike / 5k run (FREE)

Intermediate Triathlon Training Plan: 1000m swim / 17 mile bike / 4 mile run (FREE)

Olympic Triathlon Training Plan: 1500m swim / 25 mile bike / 10k run (FREE)

  • 90 day plan (We believe it takes at least 90 days to prepare for this race)

1/3 Iron Triathlon or Longer

  • We recommend consulting a coach when training for this distance.

70.3 Training Plan Resources (FREE)

Training program customized for first-time triathletes

At Zoom Multisport Racing, we love assisting first-time triathletes with their first race. Watching these athletes experience the sport for the first time reminded us of why we fell in love with the sport and truly inspired us.

This inspiration led us to partner with Be Fierce Lifestyle Fitness Coachingto support bringing new athletes to the sport by offering beginner/newbie triathlon training coupled with a Zoom race entry.

What you get:

  • 8 weeks of workout and nutritional planscustomized by USA Triathlon-certified and Certified Sports Nutritionist coach Ashlynn Lucas. This will take into account your current fitness levels and goals. 
  • 3 in-person group training sessions– one for each discipline of swim, bike and run. 
  • Regular support from Coach Lucasvia email, text message and phone.
  • Race entryinto Zoom’s RedHawk Multisport Festival at Heuston Woods on Aug. 26 or Columbus Triathlon at Alum Creek on Sept. 16.

While each athlete’s plan will be slightly different based on feedback and information you provide Coach Lucas, you should be prepared to train 5 hours per weekover the course of the 8-week session.

Ready to get started or know someone who would make a great triathlete?! Register here for Hueston Woods and here for Columbus Triathlon. The deadline to register is July 1 if competing at Zoom RedHawks Festival and July 22 if competing at Columbus Triathlon, so don’t delay!

From 7 seasons of watching first-time athletes cross the finish line, we can guarantee one thing, you’ll never regret completing your first triathlon.

This course is designed for athletes who are completing their first triathlon or first couple races. It is not designed for seasoned athletes or running-only athlete, though Coach Lucas can assist you with taking the next step toward meeting your goals. Email her at befiercelifestylefitness@gmail.com


NOTE: These are general guidelines to follow to complete a multisport event. Each athlete is unique and an alternative training plan might be required. Please consult a physician or medical professional before starting any training plan. Before you start this plan you must be healthy enough for physical exercise. We strongly encourage all athletes to consult a physician and get a complete physical before starting any training plan. Before you start this plan you must be able to swim and have access to a pool or other safe place designated for swimming. Before you start this plan you must have access to a bike & helmet or stationary bike, and have a safe place in which to use this equipment.  Before you start this plan you must have running shoes and have a safe place in which to run.