2020-2021 Zoom Virtual Race Challenges

Races Options Include: Tri, Du, Aqua, Run, Cycle, Swim & More! 

Run Anywhere in the World!

You may be stuck at home, races have been canceled, and social distancing is the new normal. But we are not going to let that stop us from racing! Please join Zoom Multisport Racing as we host the Virtual Race Challenges. These events are open to anyone around the world; you do not even have to register. Pick your favorite running spot, put on your GPS watch, and go run! 

Virtual Run & Multisport Events

NOTE: We expect a return to in-person running racing on January 1st with the Pancake Run. Learn more! 

How Does It Work?

  • Pick your race.
    • Pick your race, click on the race page. This page will have all the race information you need to complete this event. 
  • Register for the race.
    • Find the registration link, click on it and complete the registration process.
    • Everyone registers for the virtual race, any distance.
    • After you register, you can complete any race distance or discipline, including multiple race distances.
  • Complete your race and enjoy yourself.
    • You can complete inside or outside (or a combo), and anywhere in the world.
    • Go and do the race, and be sure you track your race time(s).
  • Log your Results
    • Go back to the race page, and find the Log Your Results Link. Click on that link and complete the form.
    • If you did multiple race distances, please complete the form for each race distance or discipline.
  • Receive Your Swag (which comes a week or so after the last day of the event date)
    • We will order swag for everyone once the event ends. We wait until the last day of the event to order, so that means you will get your swag a week or so after the end of the event. If the event goes from the 1st to the 30th of the month, you will get your swag about a week into the next month.
    • NOTE: We only order swag for the exact number of people who register, so we wait until everyone registers. Then it takes us about a week to get the swag and mail it out to you. So please be patient, and know that your swag is on its way. 

Race Options

  • Runs
    • 1-mile, 5k, 10k, 1/2 Marathon, Full Marathon
  • Cycling Time Trials
    • 12, 24 and 36 mile
  • Swims
    • 1500 meter, 2000 meter, and 5k (Pool or Open Water)
  • Triathlons
    • Beginner Triathlon = 200m swim / 8ml bike / 1.5ml run
    • Sprint Triathlon = 750m swim / 12ml bike / 5k run
    • Olympic Triathlon = 1500m swim / 24ml bike / 10k run
    • 1/3 Iron Triathlon = 2000m swim / 36ml bike / 9.3ml run
    • 1/2 Iron Triathlon = 1.2ml / 56ml bike / 13.1ml run
    • Full Iron Triathlon = 1.2ml / 56ml bike / 13.1ml run
  • Duathlons
    • Beginner Duathlon = 1.5ml Run / 8ml bike / 1.5ml run
    • Sprint Duathlon = 1.5ml Run / 12ml bike / 5k run
    • Olympic Duathlon = 5k run / 24ml bike / 10k run
    • 1/3 Iron Duathlon = 5k run / 36ml bike / 9.3ml run
  • Aquabike
    • Sprint Aquabike = 750m swim / 12ml bike only
    • Olympic Aquabike = 1500m swim / 24ml bike only
    • 1/3 Iron Aquabike = 2000m swim / 36ml bike only
  • Aquathlons
    • Sprint Aquathlon = 750m swim / 5k run only
    • Olympic Aquathlon = 1500m swim / 10k run only
    • 1/3 Iron Aquathlon = 2000m swim / 9.3ml run only

More Info

  • Be sure you are following all the guidelines from the CDC and the directives of your local government, including local laws and ordinances. We want everyone to stay safe in the water, on the road, path or trail. This event can be completed indoors or outdoors.
  • Before you complete any race, please consult with your healthcare provider or a medical professional. Zoom Multisport Racing hopes this challenge will be fun.
  • We in no way endorse any risky, dangerous, or potentially hazardous behavior. If you feel unsafe completing this challenge or at any time during the challenge, please stop and seek medical attention, call 911 or alert your local authorities.

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These are some of our local partners. If you want to support this effort, please email zoomracingusa12@gmail.com and Rebekah will get you involved!


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