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Races Options Include: Tri, Du, Aqua, Run, Cycle, Swim & More! 

Run Anywhere in the World!

You may be stuck at home, races have been canceled, and social distancing is the new normal. But we are not going to let that stop us from racing! Please join Zoom Multisport Racing as we host the Virtual Race Challenges. These are FREE event open to anyone around the world; you do not even have to register. Pick your favorite running spot, put on your GPS watch, and go run! 

Virtual Run Events

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  • Be sure you are following all the guidelines from the CDC and the directives of your local government, including local laws and ordinances. We want everyone to stay safe in the water, on the road, path or trail. This event can be completed indoors or outdoors.
  • We are not charging any fees for this event. There are so many people who are out of work right now, that we feel it is more important for you to celebrate the joy of running. If you feel you want to give back, please support a local business or charity of your choice. 
  • We are not giving away any swag for this event, but we hope this will help inspire you, gives you a reason to celebrate and connect with your community virtually. 

NOTE: Before you complete any race, please consult with your healthcare provider or a medical professional. Zoom Multisport Racing hopes this challenge will be fun. We in no way endorse any risky, dangerous, or potentially hazardous behavior. If you feel unsafe completing this challenge or at any time during the challenge, please stop and seek medical attention, call 911 or alert your local authorities. This is free and fun, and there are not any more expectations that those. This event is optional and not required. 

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These are some of our local partners. If you want to support this effort, please email zoomracingusa12@gmail.com and Rebekah will get you involved! 

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