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Swim Water Temperature

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What is the Water Temperature & Can I Wear a Wetsuit During the Swim?

Great Questions! Here are answers! 

We are a USAT Sanctioned event so we follow USAT rules for our races. USAT created rules for when you can and cannot wear a wetsuit. No one is required to wear a wetsuit, they are optional. We do recommend them, but the choice is up to you. Learn more about wetsuits and how to improve your swim. Need to rent or buy a wetsuit? Our sponsors can help you!

USAT sets guidelines for when you can and cannot wear a wetsuit. Read the USAT rules now! Wetsuit rules depend on water temperature. You can check the water temperature at our race venues below. 

USAT Water Temperature Rules

  • If the water is under 78 degrees you can wear a wetsuit, but are not required to wear one
  • If the water is between 78 and 84 degrees you can wear a wetsuit but you are not eligible for any awards or USAT rankings
  •  If the water temperature is over 84 degrees you cannot wear a wetsuit, as it would be unsafe

Check out the Local Water Temperature at the Race Venue